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Crowder - 'Red Letters' (Official Music Video)

Having a hard time?  There's hope and freedom in those Red Letters!  That's Crowder's encouragement to you when you watch the official music video of "Red Letters."

"Red Letter" is from Crowder's album, I Know A Ghost, which was released fall of 2018.  In a recent interview with CCM Magazine, the artist noted that there's no science involved in his songwriting; but a sampling of diverse influences that turns out to be an eclectic expression:  

I just follow my whims, the stuff I like, and try to shove it all into the same place at the same time.  When I began this new chapter of music that was going to be all my fault—no band mates nearby for blame displacement—I thought the best thing I could shoot for was the truth, not just lyrically but musically. If it resonated with me and was moving and forming me, I wanted to include it in what I was making.

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