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Dolly Parton Joins for King & Country on Remix of 'God Only Knows'

Just when you thought you couldn't love for King & Country's "God Only Knows" any more, the brothers Smallbone reach out to country legend Dolly Parton to create a new sound and treatment of the song!  

The Smallbones added on the video page, "Our friends.. this perhaps is the most thrilling New Music Video Release we’ve ever had. It is with great enthusiasm that we give you the final version of ‘God Only Knows’.. feat. the legendary Dolly Parton."

We have the music video right here!

When Parton first heard the song, it touched her so deeply.  As she told the Tennessean“It was like God spoke. I thought so many people with all their problems … I just felt like this song touched everything people struggle with. There’s just such a peace and love and sweetness about it, and I really think this song says what we need to be hearing right now.”

Indeed the song has had an impact on listeners around the globe!  As of this writing, the original music video of "God Only Knows" has skyrocketed past 28 million views on YouTube, along with scores of comments of how the song has helped people through some very dark times.

This is now the third treatment of "God Only Knows".  In June, 2019, Luke and Joel Smallbone did their first remix of the song, along with Timbaland, which gave the song a more intense rock style.

Only time will tell what the next remix of the song will be!

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