Lauren Daigle Hosts Her First Holiday Special

In the age of COVID, Christian Music artists have to think outside the traditional box in order to reach the masses.  For Lauren Daigle, that opportunity has come in the form of hosting her first televised holiday special. 

The Grammy-winning singer announced on her social media that she would front the holiday event, Christmas Under the Stars, airing on BYUTV, Sunday December 6th at 9pm ET. 

Oh what fun it is to announce my very first televised holiday special!  I’m so excited to share songs from Behold and more in Christmas Under The Stars!! Catch the premiere December 6th at 9PM ET on @byutv! 

Here's a taste of what fans will see on the TV special...

While Daigle plans to resume her World Tour in 2021, which was put on hold at the outbreak of the pandemic, Christmas Under the Stars gives her an opportunity to showcase her music during the holiday season.

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