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Newsboys - 'Greatness of Our God' (Official Video)


Nine years after being Born Again, however, Newsboys are once again pulling fan faves like “Shine” and “Breakfast” out of the closet because the personnel who sang them have joined them once again.

Peter Furler and Phil Joel are back with the current line-up of Newsboys for a very special live event touring the country called the Newsboys United Tour, a rare reunion that has allowed fans to enjoy the classics.

“For the first time in 10 years, I’m playing these songs I never thought I would again,” said drummer Duncan Phillips just before playing Paducah, Kentucky. “For the crowd, it’s brought out all those fans we haven’t seen in a bit—people who grew up with the classic Newsboys. I think they’re also stoked to see something they never thought they’d see again.”

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